If you’re reading this
If you’re still alive, still breathing
Then there’s hope for you
Your story is not finished
It’s nowhere close to being done
So, my dear, pick up your pen again, and keep writing
For you have so much waiting ahead of you
You have yet to experience

And maybe there are things our stories have in common
Perhaps the both of us can relate to pain, or to fear, or to loss
And perhaps we all deserve second chances
Our stories are all so many things: heavy and light, beautiful and difficult
Hopeful and uncertain

But our story isn’t finished yet
There is still time
So why waste it? Why wait for it to end?

There is still time for things to change
For things to heal, to grow
There is still time for you to recover, to mend and to be mended
There is still time to be surprised, to laugh, to smile

You and I, we were given a gift
We are still going
We are both stories, unfinished.


Simra MariamComment